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Tamrah UK

Online Store of Chocolate Covered Dates in UK is an online sweet store in the UK that provides you with an exquisite range of collection of healthy and nourishing chocolate covered dates confectioneries called Tamrah.

Tamrah comes with this finest golden almond at the core, surrounded by irresistible luscious dates and covered with four delicious flavours, Dark chocolate, Milk chocolate, coconut chocolate and caramel chocolate.

Tamrah is one of the well-known online chocolate stores that features an assortment of chocolate dates in UK for sale. If you are planning to buy them as a gift, the chocolate covered dates gift box is the best option.

Buy Dates Online in UK

You can browse through the entire range of luxury chocolate dates offered by Tamrah and pick the choco dates in UK which you like the best. When you buy dates online from Tamrah, you can get access to exclusive deals and discounts offered regularly only here.

Buy Tamrah chocolate dates Online

We called these three layers the “Combination of Happiness”.

This assorted luxury chocolate covered date is packaged in Gift boxes, zipper bag, and small connivance boxes. These packages suit all your day to day needs, starting from your morning snack and ending with all kind of occasions you might have.


Rich in taste, richer in experience! I love Tamrah products

Mark Jance / Facebook

These products are healthy, delicious and yummy

Hanan Omar / Facebook

I have tried all Tamrah products and I liked Almond type the most.

John Roman

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