Date Fruit is a Superfoods for Super Bones

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Lots of people believe that the primary reason for osteoporosis is the absence of calcium in their diet. Nevertheless, in the total picture, calcium is just a little piece of the puzzle. Though calcium supplements can definitely assist, there are other dietary concerns that require to be taken look at.
Really, the primary dietary cause of osteoporosis is eating foods that are highly acidic in nature, such as refined white sugar, improved white flour, high-fructose corn syrup, sodas, cookies, sweets, sweets, desserts, and anything including sweeteners. The over-consumption of these products causes the pH level in your blood to become extremely acidic. In an attempt to counterbalance this, your body connects for any calcium and magnesium it can discover, and releases those into your bloodstream in an effort to keep the pH level at a healthy balance.
With every soft beverage, goodie, sweet and cake you indulge in, you are robbing your skeleton of its bone density. The calcium and magnesium the body harvests in an effort to combat this acidic environment gets gone through your kidneys, where it can also add to kidney stones and exits your body through your urine. To avoid losing your bone mass to dietary causes, merely avoid taking in any white flour, processed sugars, sugarcoated, sodas, sugary foods, candies, bread, or any other ingredients that are made with refined carbohydrates.
In addition, specific superfoods, like broccoli, cabbage, celery and other dark green leafy veggies help keep the pH balance in a healthy equilibrium. You need to get plenty of calcium and magnesium from healthy sources such as organic, plant-based vitamins.