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Tamrah is a trade mark and registered brand owned by Best Food co. based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Tamrah is an exquisite range of collection of healthy and nourishing confectioneries made with finest dates and golden roasted almonds, enrobed in pure chocolate. With the finest golden almonds at the core, surrounded by irresistible luscious dates and enveloped with four sinfully delectable chocolate variants, combine to give you three layers of happiness . Each bite is a taste of gourmand paradise.

Tamrah refers to a palm tree in Arabic is now also a treat in your palm. It’s an oasis of sheer delight in the journey of everyday life. An exotic discovery to thrill culinary adventures. A treasure of indulgence to be dearly cherished. Since ancient times Arabs welcomed their guests with God’s bounty “Date Fruit” and European with chocolate. Tamrah combines the tradition of two civilizations.

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